Drug Metformin

March 28, 2011Posted by Someone


Nevertheless, your actions are expected to be slightly different if you need to take one more medication very soon, as both doses are not supposed to be taken too closely with each other.

Negative side effects are possible and could include pyrosis ( heartburn ), sneezing, bloating, diarrhea, hassle, dripping nose, metallic flavor in mouth, flushing of the skin, belly discomfort, gas, coughing, constipation, and muscle discomfort.

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March 20, 2011Posted by Someone


Metformin is typically taken 2 or three times a day - everything relies on your personal necessities that will be examined by your healthcare supplier.

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March 10, 2011Posted by Someone


Do not integrate metformin with various other drugs without informing your doctor as it can cause severe health problems.